Patty's house on beach - No CC

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2020 at 8:25 AM
Updated: 18th Apr 2022 at 10:25 PM - updating of information
Family house with beach - No CC
You can use it in the Three Lakes vacation neighborhood

This house is a beachy version of Patty's house - no CC
The architecture, plans and designs are the same although with small variations.
the house includes a kitchen a half bathroom, dining room, living room furnished with Ikea objects , half bath and bar. On the second floor there are two rooms, one for couples and one for children or adolescents and bathroom.
outside there is a parking lot, a lake decorated by aquatic plants, a pair of swings, a garden and two gates to enter the beach.
the other way to enter the beach is through the back door of the house.

On the right side of the lot there is a barbecue hut and on the left side is the pool, on the beach you will find furniture so that your family of sims feel completely comfortable on the beach.

Relevant note - April 18, 2022
Where you can put the beach lot ?

This beach lot can be placed in the Three Lakes Vacation Suburb and related neighborhood templates, placement zones are indicated by arrows, the installation was tested on the surface and on the templates.
In the neighborhood templates mentioned below, the installation of the beach plot was tested.

Phage Island Map
Baysland Map
Peninsulas Map

Possibly this lot can be placed in other neighborhood templates that I have uploaded on the MTS website.


this is a beach lot and should be located in a neighborhood that has roads near the water, you can use one of my neighborhood map or the one from the Mod The Sims contributors that meets the above criteria.
this is a lot of irregular terrain and keep in mind that it will leave modification on the neighborhood map anywhere it is placed.
a slight modification can be generated in the level of the beach in relation to the rest of the terrain.
This lot doesn't have personalized content.

This lot file is a clean copy ensuring optimal works.
Cleaned and verified with Sims2Pack Clean Installer by Mootilda

Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price (furnished): 88240

Additional Credits:

Sims2pack Clean Installer by Mootilda
Paint. Net
X264 Mpeg 4 video codec