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Haunted House from Sim City 3000 Unlimited

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2021 at 11:17 PM
Updated: 16th May 2022 at 6:21 PM


  • juice bar (can be replaced by professional bar easily if you have Late Night EP)
  • buffet table
  • sparring ground for witches
  • adventure with rewards in the ending (look under the tips header for more)
  • Vault of Antiquity on 50x50 lot
  • Gnomes of darned, Fairy House, Crystal Ball and L.L.A.M.A. teleporter. Ah! And broom stand of course.
  • almost no outdoor lighting
  • no graves
  • no tombstones
  • no spawners

I used free themed CC sets from Store that are necessary to install:You need all items except CAS hairs if you don't wanna mess the fun.

General tips to place and use the lot:
  • Extract zip. file to your C:\Users\...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library folder
  • Haunted House comes in two sizes - 40x40 and 50x50. Place an empty lot of matching size with arrows directing road and then place the house of your choise. Both houses has other side enterances and has no spawners, so feel free to rotate before place.
  • Next information for those who has no Seasons EP. You can place this house if you don't own Seasons EP because the only item from Seasons was used just for extra reward in the end of adventure hence you will have just one reward instead of two.
  • House is cats and dogs friendly. So feel free to take your familiars too.

General tips for tomb adventure (no spoilers ):
Adventure occupies 2nd and 3rd floor of Haunted House. This adventure level is easy. It has no death situations and has no traps. Once you enter the house you will see its upper levels like this i.e. you'll see it broken and burnt out from inside
I suggest you to be on guard when you open each door and climb each ladder or stairs. Some of them show pop-up messages after you interact with it. The most important things will be described with those messages you will see into your info board. And there can be a spray of shining stars then leading to the object that continue the story. If you missed this leading spray, then try to investigate yourself, is there any switchers, chests or signs in the room you just entered or climbed.
Once you open the door you need to inspect rooms for switchers, chests or signs too. There is always one of the kind in one room and usually camouflaged, so inspect wisely. Some rooms has poor light, so I suggest you to inspect it during daylight. Switchers and chests will also show you thing they unlocked with spray of shining stars, reading sign will not cause that animation, but also can unlock things. Merely the chest open also can work like unlocker. All of switchers unlock stairs on the same level and usually in the room next to those where switcher was found. So make your search nearby if you missed anything.
There is no chain in the rooms you will unlock along this adventure. Your sim will need sometimes to go back to rooms they already explored to follow the path that was not there before, in total: YOUR SIM WILL NEED TO RUN A LOT until they reach the final room. It has a chain direction like: "find a key then go to next room", your sim will need to move as directed and might not need a bunch of time. Because of working hours things can become a bit fair and you can keep track on time when it is expiring. I found those missions easy. Anyways if you will find it exhausting, remember this adventure is one time. Once you will finish, there will no need to suffer any more XD. I hope you will like it. Good luck!

Boo! Happy Halloween! Vic ^_^

Lot Type: Supernatural Hangout
Lot Features: Tomb adventure. Working hours from 10am until 3am.

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): $358.300
Lot Price (unfurnished): $76.254
Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): $359.430
Lot Price (unfurnished): $76.979

Additional Credits:
Simsi45's Hidden Stencils Unlocked were used. As I see in his thread, they are optional to install.
House was built and represented on Q's Bigger Builder's Island.
The texts from next recourses were used for messages: The Legend of Mary Shaw, The living Stone - 1000 doors lyrics, various TS1 prank call texts, various trick or trick rhymes
MTS staff