Dove's Nest (1 bd, 1 ba)

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2022 at 8:58 PM
Has your baby just flown the coop, or are you a newbie in town looking for somewhere safe to roost? No matter your circumstances, you'll be welcome at the Dove's Nest! A cosy, modern house with a loft that offers gorgeous views of the Appaloosa Plains countryside and a private garden perfect for hosting summer get togethers.

Another of my affordable housing series, this house and lot has the following:


- Open plan living room/kitchen area
- One master bedroom
- One bathroom
- A parking space on site
- A fenced in back garden
- A loft that for the moment, is being used as a gym, but plenty of opportunities to convert into another bedroom should you wish!

Based on a floorplan that can be found here.

Size: 20x20
Furnished cost: §30,305
Unfurnished cost: §18,772

PLEASE NOTE: As the sim I did the build for was looking to become a martial artist, I have included a Board Breaker - Basic and a Sheng Hai Training Dummy in the loft room, acquired through buydebug on. If these do not appear for you, you will either need to put them in through the same method, or purchase them in game and place them.