Maxis "Lost & Found" #10: Vincent's Sim Modder *UPD 22-SEPT*

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2005 at 12:36 AM
Updated: 4th Nov 2005 at 9:08 AM - Object now available in community lots
22 Sept 05 - UPDATE: As per request, now the object is available in community lots, too: you can find it in Misc/Misc section.

Credits to Wintermuteai1 for having been the first to discover this item (and to Maxis for having created it...).

Announcement: I can assure you that I know that most of these things can be done using the testingCheats... (BTW: why all the people call them "boolprop" - that just means "boolean property" - when the cheat has its own name? )

(Original post follows)

Browsing the game files, I've found this object, that seems quite interesting and useful: it's a "cheat" object; it has been created by Maxis for testing purpose, that lets you change many characteristics of your sims:

- Set the life stage of the sim
- Raise and lower motives (one by one or all at once)
- Change personality treats
- Gain or lose skill points
- Unlock and get all the career rewards
- Change aspiration at will (even the hidden "Grilled Cheese" aspiration )
- Become vampire or cure vampireness
- Gain or loose influence points

The object looks like a child-size doll; you can find it in the Misc/Misc section of the catalog (cost §0).

This object has been introduced with the Nightlife EP, and is supposed to work with the Nighlife only. I haven't tested it in other environments: it may work or may not!

INSTALLATION: just extract to your downloads; remove the package to uninstall.