The Urnstone Spawner; Updated 09/28/08

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Uploaded: 23rd Jun 2007 at 4:46 PM
Updated: 25th Mar 2010 at 5:56 PM
A complete collection of my mods, including those never published here on MTS2, can be downloaded here. http://cid-ca240b77438128c2.skydriv...0for%20TS2?uc=2
Update 2, 03/25/10: Hi everybody! Time is really just flying by. I haven't been back here for a LONG time. And after checking the dates at the top, I suddenly realized that it's been almost 3 YEARS since I made my first TS2 mod. And I'm very glad that to this day I'm still consistently getting 10 - 30 downloads of my creations everyday. I thought TS2 is already history now that TS3 is well on its way for its second expansion. Anyway, thanks for all the support, and the reason for this update is a reminder that the gravestones in the game are known to have glitches that make them delete themselves. 3 years later, I'm still getting messages from players that tell me how their spawns gravestone disappeared. And I'm sorry to say that there's not much I can do about that. Some have suggested to keep all of them as urns instead of gravestones. I don't know if that actually works. You can also try to find a fix, if there is one from other modders. Finally, thank you all for downloading. And a special thanks to those that download and support this one because this is my favorite of all my mods.

Update 1, 09/28/08: A newer version has been uploaded, FINALLY, and it should no longer cause people with older expansions' computer to crash. Both versions are currently compatible with the AL EP.

I created this mostly for myself because I accidentally deleted dozens of my sims' headstones that I intended to keep.

Requires NL or a later EP
Compatible with AL, FT, BV, Seasons, Pets, OFB & NL

You can use this hacked headstone to spawn headstones of dead sims whose person data stil exist, even if the original headstones still exist. (Cannot spawn pet headstones, yet.) The spawned headstones are placed next to this spawner.

You can choose the type ("moderate" or "gold"), the death type (with which different ghost colour, interactions and behaviors are associated) and the aspiration (which is only relevant if the urnstone type is gold).

***The auto setting function only selects the appropriate aspiration and urnstone type for the selected sim, as I don't know where to find the information about how a dead sim died. Sims who had gold or platinum aspiration level when they died get the gold urnstone type.

The urnstone, its controllers, etc. are rather complicated and dangerous objects so I couldn't completely understand how they work before I created this mod. Spawning urnstones with this mod can potentially mess up your neighbourhood and sim data badly so if you intend to try this mod, remember to BACK UP your saved data beforehand. I've tested this briefly in my game and so far the spawned headstones and the spawner seem to be working all right.
***Please let me know if anything bad happens when you use it in your game.

Please do not redistribute this mod or include it in your packaged lots.

The spawner is found in the miscellaneous/miscellaneous section of the buy catalog.

***Don't choose Grilled Cheese or Pleasure for the aspiration option unless you have Nightlife or a later expansion pack installed.

***For the death types, I haven't figured out which death these values 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 represent.