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Sugar Shack-Residential Starter Fully Furnished!!

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Uploaded: 9th Sep 2009 at 10:34 PM
Updated: 10th Sep 2009 at 2:32 AM
We're off to Grandmere's house!!

I have been bitten by the "starter bug" and really wanted to make something cutsie. So, this is the result! I thought it would be great to have a little gingerbread/victorian starter home with some modern frills. The interior is all set up with that "Grandmere Touch" where everything sparkels with cookies and cakes. The lot is fully-furnished and ready for your simmie family!

*2 Bedrooms
*1 Bathroom
*Eat-in Kitchen
*Fire Alarm in Kitchen
*Cordless Wall Phone in Living Room

There is also plenty of outdoor lighting and landscaping, so if you want a little more simolians for your sims you could get rid of some things outside.

See the pics below for more details! Enjoy!

Don't forget to say "Thanks" if you liked it!

Lot Size: 2x4
Lot Price: 19,996

Custom Content by ladylark @ MTS (included) HERE. It's her "Victorian Exterior Walls 1".

Custom Content Included:
- Cornerstonedtgp2.com  by ladylarke
- Clam Chowderdtgp2.com  by ladylarke
- Cornerstone w/trimdtgp2.com  by ladylarke

Additional Credits:
Everyone who chipped in on Creator Feedback for their great feedback!