Call of Duty: Zombies - Fluffy

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2012 at 1:36 PM
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Have you ever wanted one of Samantha's "Hell Hounds" as a pet? (you know.. her true name is Fluffy) I hope not! Well, too bad, because now the lovely hound Fluffy is ready to haunt your game! Muhahahah! Good luck!

History: (taken from COD Wiki)
In Der Riese, there are a series of radios that explain the Hellhound's creation. Dr. Maxis and his assistant, Edward Richtofen, were doing tests at Der Riese. One of the tests involved Samantha's dog, Fluffy. When teleported, Fluffy became a Hellhound. When this occurred, Richtofen followed through with his plot to get rid of the Maxises by locking them in the teleporter with the Hellhound and sending them to Aether. Dr. Maxis was teleported to an unknown location, while Samantha was sent to Griffin Station. Samantha seems to now control the Hellhounds as she attempts to kill Richtofen. One of the radio messages hints that Fluffy was pregnant, explaining why there are multiple Hellhounds.

To see Fluffy fetch people's souls in the real game, check this out!

Fluffy's Traits
  • Aggressive
  • Hunter
  • Loud

Sliders Used
PharaohHound's Leg Sliders: Download here
No other CC was used.

Additional Credits:
PharaohHound, and the creation chat for helping me out with your criticism!