Abigail "Abbi" McGraw

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Uploaded: 1st May 2014 at 7:54 PM
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An ongoing effort to understand how to make sims and just plain tired of using town or CAS sims, the latest effort is Abigail "Abbi" McGraw. Abbi was born in an aristocratic family and has been rather spoiled most of her life. Though that's not to say she everything has been given to her, but when the chips are down, Abbi usually winds up getting what she wants, one way or the other. She is not the easies sim to manage with the current trait list. I had originally used workaholic and ambitious, but later replaced them with irresistible and charismatic. While I was trying to play different traits and make the sim more challenging, I didn't want to wind up killing her off in the first 10 sim minutes.

CC packaged with sim
Default Full and Thigh Stockings Available in All 5 Categories and Maxis One Piece & Plunge Swimsuits available for Athletic & Sleep, both by me

Custom Content and Outfits
Skin - Face- In TS3 revised non default Wild Edition V2 NOTE: sim is packaged with default skin
Eyebrows - Ephemera Eyebrow Collection
Eyes - Burnt Waffles Ephemera MS93 Edit Eye ND
Lipstick - (IN3S) Velvet Lipgloss (scroll to the bottom)
bodysuit - Saliwa-Dark Cat Bodysuit-FREE
formal hair - Newsea's Rachel - Retextured for Children to Elders
everyday hair - Peggy Hair 857 ~ Retextured for Teen-to-Elder

Other Clothes via various EP's & SP's
Everyday - top, bottom, boots: Late Night
Formal - Dress: Katy Perry, Shoes: Late Night
Sleepwear - top: Late Night, bottom: Base Game
Athletic - One Piece and Stockings: Base Game Override by me (included)
Swimwear - Bodysuit by Saliwa
Outerwear - Seasons

Bio Info
Traits: Charismatic, Diva, Irresistable, Perfectionist, Snob
LTW: Leader of the Free World
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Music: Pop
Favorite Color: Hot Pink
Sign: Tauras

Additional Credits:
All the creators of CC used.

Special Thanks to Heaven & Splad, you two are Great!