Easy Ambrosia - Any Meal, Any Time - Buy All Fruit/Fish from Store

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Uploaded: 26th Feb 2010 at 7:14 PM
Updated: 24th Jun 2014 at 9:49 AM
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  • Make Ambrosia as level 1 cook
  • Ability to serve Ambrosia as group meal
  • Buy ALL fruit/fish from the store
  • Serve Any Meal anytime
  • More meals when you Serve Meals.

The Tuning Sections
This mod consists of 5 XML (tuning) mods: Recipe, Fishing, Ingredients, Food, RecipeMasterList.
  • Recipe: deals with the effects ambrosia has on your sim after eating it. For the default lifespan, 90 days, a young adult spends 21 days in that life stage. When you eat ambrosia you not only gain back the original 21 days but 20% as well, which amounts to your sim having 26 days to aging up instead of 21.
  • Fishing: This section contains all the fish in the game and the only change I made here was to enable ALL fish (including WA fish) to be purchased from the local grocery store. It was included because it makes it easier to make ambrosia when you can buy deathfish from the store. If you already have a "Buy All Fish" mod you wont need this one. NOTE: the prices are default from EA.
  • Ingredients: This section deals with the fruits and vegetables in the game, like Fishing, the only change made here was to allow all items (including WA items) to be purchased from the local grocery store. Also like Fishing, being able to buy lifefruit from the store makes it easier to make ambrosia. If you already have a "Buy All Fruit" mod, you wont need this one. NOTE: the prices are default from EA.
  • Food: this section deals with how many servings in a group meal, how many bites it takes a sim to eat a meal, what time breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner start, chance of cleaning up after eating, choosing favorite food, etc.
  • RecipeMasterList as the name suggests, this is the master list of all recipes in the game. By making a few changes, from those available, sims can not only make a single serving of ambrosia, but a group serving as well, plus enabled sims the ability to learn the recipe when they increase their skill from 0 to 1. As an added bonus, if you wish to use it, I made all meals available any time.

  • AmbrosiaDefault: The game default percentage of the sim's current aging state the sim will win back after eating Ambrosia
  • AmbrosiaPlus5x: Sim will regain current aging state plus 500% after eating Ambrosia
  • Fishing: Allows sims to purchase ALL FISH from the local grocery store
  • Ingredients: Allows sims to purchase ALL FRUITS & VEGATABLES from the local grocery store
  • ServeAmbrosiaPlusAnyMealAnyTime: Allows sims to serve ambrosia as a GROUP MEAL plus MAKE/SERVE ANY MEAL ANY TIME
  • FoodServingsDefault: Reduces skills needed to make ambrosia - 8 servings (Game Default)
  • FoodServings24: Reduces skills needed to make ambrosia, 24 servings for Group Meal
  • EasyAmbrosiaDefault: AmbrosiaDefault, Fishing, Ingredients, ServeAmbrosiaPlusMakeAnyMealAnyTime, and Food ServingsDefault
  • EasyAmbrosiaWithWorks: AmbrosiaPlus5x, Fishing, Ingredients, ServeAmbrosiaPlusMakeAnyMealAnyTime, and FoodServings24

Things You Should Know
  • reduced the skill needed in gardening and fishing to 0, cooking to 1
  • when you use this mod and include the buy all fish and buy all fruits from the store, you don't have to go to the store to make ambrosia. You can click on the fridge or stove and make ambrosia whether you have lifefruit and/or deathfish in the fridge or not.
  • sims will learn the ambrosia recipe when they gain level 1 cooking. If you're sim is already level 1 or higher, they will need to learn the recipe another way (recipe book, mod, etc.)
  • Eating a second or more plate(s) of ambrosia will not add together, rather it will just reset your sim back to day 0 for whatever strength you use.

Conflicts and Resources
This is a Tuning mod and the Resource are from the GamePlayData.package and will conflict with any other mod which edits/alters the same. Currently working with Patch 1.63 - 1.67

Additional Credits:
Ambrosia as group meal (replicatable!) by dolphin26
Peter L Jones for S3PE