Bruno's Behind These Eyes Contacts

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Uploaded 31st Dec 2014 at 5:58 AM

I'm celebrating having a photo editing program, and when I was doing eyes I figured I might as well do contact versions as well! These are based on my re-make of Bruno's eye set "Behind These Eyes" with Maxis Scleras. As a bonus, I included contacts of the original set as well.

File information
- Available for both genders
- Available for all ages, except babies
- Not townified
- Appears under costume makeup

Thanks to Bruno for the textures used, and for the generous policy allowing me to make this.

Programs used
- Gimp
- Bodyshop

Eye Type: Contacts
Eye Style: Human Realistic Maxis-Match

Tags: #bruno, #behind, #these, #eyes, #contacts, #maxis, #match, #realistic