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Kiddieview Window Add-Ons

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Uploaded: 24th Oct 2015 at 7:42 PM
Another window add-on set from me to help round out a set. These windows are two-tile versions of the Kiddieview Windows from the Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center. I thought they were super cute and love the shutters and, in my opinion, no build set is complete without centered windows!

  • Found in Build Mode>Windows
  • All priced at ยง185 (same as original)
  • 4 Channels
  • Includes same stencils/presets as originals
Of course, if you don't have the original windows, I recommend buying it from the store. This download is only a match and does not include, or require, the original.

Polygon Counts:
Same as the originals:
Plain: MLOD - 548, MODL - 404
Left Shutter: MLOD - 728, MODL - 506
Right Shutter: MLOD - 718, MODL - 496

Additional Credits:
S3OC, S3PE, S3ASC, Milkshape
Sims 3 Store for the original window.