Volcano Island - Multilevel neighborhood map

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Volcano Island - Multilevel neighborhood map

What secrets and characteristics does this volcano island hide?

This island has an interesting geography that makes it special. In the first place, by dealing with an island you can create an exotic destination with the giant volcano it has and you can also place the lots that you want around it.

why is it called multilevel ? While it is true that neighborhood maps have slopes, unevenness, and flats, this map also has levels in the sea, usually when creating beach plots the sea is quite deep.
Like the Sims 2, Simcity also has quite a few cheats and crafting tools.
In the northern part of the map, which is where the large volcano is, the sea is shallower and you will not see beach lots with a lot of water.

In this map you can create beach lots in 85% of the aquatic area.
Another characteristic to keep in mind is that it has several plateaus and these are flat, which facilitates the creation of plots with flat edges, except for what is close to slopes.
high and low sloping beach lots can be created in the lagoon near the bridge.
don't forget to install a camera mod to use this template in all its dimension and enjoy it.
I use Tom Duhamel camera mod.

This template doesn't include any decorations.

Additional Credits:
Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition
The Sims 2
X264 Mpeg 4 video codec