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Ha’penny Cottage (starter home)

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2022 at 11:05 AM
A one-up, one-down country cottage for the green-fingered Sim on a tight budget*. A dilapidated brick outbuilding has been repaired and extended to join the cottage, providing space for a tiny kitchen and bathroom. The old-fashioned garden has fruit, vegetables and herbs jumbled in with the flowers and is regularly visited by butterflies.

*This just barely qualifies as a starter home for a single Sim. Those wishing to have more than §3 to spend on food, books, classes etc. might want to lose some of the furnishings temporarily or downgrade to the cheap bath.

Price: §16497 furnished, §11030 unfurnished

Content used:

No expansions are required for the unfurnished version: there are a few plants from World Adventures and University Life but they would be easy to replace.
The furnishings are a mixture of the base game, Generations and Supernatural, with one curtain from Ambitions.
No stuff packs or store items were used.


The upstairs was built from roof pieces for reasons of economy. I was worried that this would stop it from being weatherproof. Oddly, although rain is kept out, snow does collect on a single length of banister (see screenshot) but Sims in the room stay warm and don’t seem to notice the indoor snow.