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"Learned Behaviour" cheat object - *UPD 01 NOV 06*

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Uploaded: 21st Oct 2006 at 3:48 PM
Updated: 2nd Nov 2006 at 12:27 AM - Fixed icon, mesh and placement + Menu translated in Italian and German
*** Pets EP required***

26 OCT 2006 - UPDATE & FIX
Now the cheat object has its own catalog icon,
it's visible in every Pets game (no other EP required)
and can be placed on ground, tables, counters.

Also, the menu has been translated in Italian, too (thanks to MaryLou )

01 NOV 2006: Added German translation (thanks to Khaibit)

This object already exists in the Pets EP: it can be spawned by activating the testing cheats, shift-clicking on a sim and selecting "Spawn.../Learned Behaviour".

If you don't want to perform all these steps, then you can just download the attached package, that makes the "Learned Behaviour" object buyable from the catalog.

What is the "Learned Behaviour" object
It allows your pet to instantly learn any available command, and to set the training level for any Behaviour (Stay off beds, Eat pet food, etc...).
In particular, for the Behaviour, you can set the level to Maximum (+1000), Neutral (0), or Minimum (-1000).

Download the attached rar and unpack it to your Downloads (or use the Q-Xpress). To uninstall, remove the file "Numenor_LearnedBehaviourCheat" from your Downloads.
When in game, you will find the object in the Buy Mode catalog, section Misc/Misc. NOTE: the object has an empty icon, in catalog; don't ask me why, because I don't know - In game, the object looks like a pigeon mashed on the ground

How to use it
First off, you need to activate the cheat: boolprop controlPets on; then, select your pet (that now is fully controllable) and click on the Learned Behaviour object. Use the pie menu to choose the various cheats available.

This is an original Maxis object, with a little work by my side to make it available in the catalog

Bottom line
I am fully aware that the same results granted by this object can be obtained just using the testing cheats. The first user that tells me this, will be warned for not having connected the brain before activating the mouth