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Star Trek uniforms ("First Contact" version) for admirals, on custom meshes (UV maps fixed!)

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Uploaded: 17th Jul 2007 at 5:25 AM
Updated: 25th Apr 2011 at 7:51 PM
UPDATED AUG 4, 2009: I've decided to be downloader-friendly and have thus added a .zip with all the files - meshes as well as textures. Enjoy!


Well, it's time for more post "First Contact" Star Trek uniforms - this time, admiral's uniforms for adults and elders. (Can't have our low-ranking Starfleet Sims run around unsupervised, now can we? ) They will appear as casuals, formals and - if you have Seasons - outerwear. They will NOT, however, show for young adult if you have University, because somehow I don't think Starfleet have all that many twenty-something admirals.

The meshes for elders are basically the same as for adults, only I've tweaked them a little to make the upper torso less muscular for males and to make the females somewhat flatter and saggier in the same area and give them wider hips. The meshes are compatible with all versions of the game.

Like my other Star Trek uniforms, these don't have any rank insignia. There's a reason for that, so watch this space.

Polygon Counts:
Female: Polys=2101, vertices=1567
Male: Polys=2048, vertices=1447

Additional Credits:
- Tiggerypum and HystericalParoxysm, whose excellent tutorials have taught me everything I know about meshing for TS2
- Wes H for the Unimesh plugins
- Quaxi and all the other SimPE developers
- the Milkshape team

Don't forget: If you like my work, hitting the "thanks" button or leaving a comment is a great way of showing it.

Happy simming!

ETA 07-17-07: I could have sworn I had fixed this, but apparently the gold collar lining for the males (both adult and elder) isn't quite lined up. *headdesks* I've fixed it now - for real this time - so if you've downloaded the skins before, please redownload them. Sorry about the inconvenience!

ETA 13-08-2007: I've fixed the UV map so that the hand textures on the female skins looks like they're supposed to. (Thanks to the eagle-eyed linuslover30 for pointing it out!) If you you've noticed the hand textures looking a bit funny and it bugs you, then please redownload the mesh and skins for females.