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*FIXED!* Star Trek cadet uniforms for young adults, on new custom meshes

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2007 at 2:49 AM
Updated: 25th Apr 2011 at 7:53 PM
UPDATED AUG 4, 2009: I've decided to be downloader-friendly and have thus added a .zip with all the files - meshes as well as textures. Enjoy!


Let's try this again - this time with fat morphs that don't explode. (It figures; the time I forget to recheck the meshes in game after making an edit is the time when they decide to spontaneously combust. ) I'm very, very sorry for the inconvenience!

* * *

As requested, here are Starfleet cadet uniforms for young adults, as seen in late Deep Space Nine. They will appear as casual and formal wear, and as outerwear if you have Seasons.

I know the cadet uniforms are supposed to have these little loop type thingies below the belt in front, but I've left them out deliberately; I think they're a real eyesore. You can of course add some of your own if you want to, though.

These skins are for young adults ONLY, which as you can probably guess means that University is required. If you don't have University, don't worry - cadet uniforms for teens will be coming up shortly. I will be making cadet's rank insignia as well, of course.

And since some of you have asked: Yes, I will be making dress uniforms. That will be next once I'm done with the cadets.

Polygon Counts:
For male: polys=1994, vertices=1676
For female: polys=2165, vertices=1642

Additional Credits:
- Tiggerypum and HystericalParoxysm, whose excellent tutorials have taught me everything I know about body meshing
- Wes H for the Unimesh plugins
- Quaxi and all the other SimPE developers
- The Milkshape team

Don't forget: If you like my work, hitting the "thanks" button or leaving a comment is a great way of showing it.

Happy simming!

ETA: I've fixed the UV map so that the hand textures on the female skins looks like they're supposed to. (Thanks to the eagle-eyed linuslover30 for pointing it out!) If you you've noticed the hand textures looking a bit funny and it bugs you, then please redownload the mesh and skins for females.