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Dress toddlers correctly too!

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Uploaded: 16th Mar 2009 at 10:12 PM
Updated: 15th Jun 2010 at 11:37 AM
*Updated 22nd March 2009*
Fix for baby problems - please follow instructions - see section below

As a follow-on from my "Dress me correctly" mod, here is a toddler change clothes mod as wished for by...
Originally Posted by melethana
Is there anyway to make the clothing mod work for toddlers? Like if a toddler has a diaper change or bath between 7AM and 8PM they are dressed in everyday clothes instead of pajamas?

In the game, the same way as a child or adult gets changed for bed, so a toddler is also changed into pajamas prior to being put into their crib. This may end up with two changes if a diaper change takes place just before the toddlers is put into the crib.

In the game, you change a toddler's diaper or bathe a toddler, they will be redressed in whatever they were previously wearing prior to that action. This mod will alter that clothing change to be time based.

If it is after 7am the toddler will be dressed in everyday clothes.
If it is before 7am or after 8pm the toddler will be dressed in PJs.

Although the idea was spawned from the "Dress me correctly" Mod, this package is completely separate and independent from that Mod. You do not require one to use the other, but equally you can have both without problems. This allows you to mix and match this Mod with your favourite adult dressing mods.

This package has an effect when you bathe a toddler in a bath - it should work for all custom content baths as well, as this is a global peice of code.

This package has an effect when you are changing a toddler's diaper on the Base game provided Sanitation Station Baby Changing Table, the Freetime EP provided Good Times Changing Table or if you don't even use a changing table!

If there are any custom content baby changing tables out there, it will not affect them since the code is not global for these objects (Why Maxis, why?)

I give permission for any other modders who have made a custom content baby changing table to copy the BHAV from this package if they want this behaviour, so long as it is provided for download on a free site and has a link back to this thread. It would also be useful (although not necessary) to know if anyone does to this so if the code changes I can let you know.

I do not currently know of any hacks that this mod might conflict with, but of course there is always the possibility. For the benefit of other modders, the details are below.


Update History
With apologies to those who were quick to download this, Numenor has reminded me that there is another place where diapers are changed and that is without using a changing table at all. This update includes those diaper changes in the package as well.
Fixed a problem where the Changing Table interactions were affecting babies when they shouldn't have been (mistake on my part). Babies who had their diapers changed between 8pm and 7am were left naked and then after the game was saved would be reloaded in a dark shadowy state. This was caused by the game believing that the baby was wearing pajamas which it didn't have. For any user that now has a "shadow baby" due to this issue, please follow these steps to put things right.
  1. Change the baby's diaper between 7am and 8pm using the broken version of the mod to allow the game to know the baby is back into everyday clothes (instead of its non-existent pajamas).
  2. Save the household and go back to the neighbourhood view.
  3. Re-enter the household and the baby should now be back to normal with no shadowy effect and a diaper on.
  4. If all is well, replace the broken version of the mod with the new version and your baby will remain in everyday clothes after a diaper change at any time.

Additional Credits:
Quaxi for SimPEwiki
Numenor for the AnyGameStarter.
melethana for the original idea.
Numenor for the non-table diaper change reminder and pointer to the BHAV to change - doubt I'd ever have found it otherwise
za1susi and InsamePsychoRabbit for reporting the problems with babies - my apologies to you all, my testing was sorely lacking in this regard.