Simlogical Heirloom Cake - Fix

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Uploaded: 6th Oct 2012 at 5:20 AM
Updated: 14th May 2013 at 5:48 AM
The Heirloom Cake allows any sim or pet to be aged up early. You can use the cake no matter how long the game thinks a sim or pet has left in its current life stage. There's also a bonus of not having to buy a new cake each time you want to use it, unlike Maxis ones. This one can be used repeatedly and placed in a sim's inventory when not needed.

To age a sim select either "Blow Out Candles" or "Bring Baby to Cake" and they will birthday in the normal way. To age a pet select any controllable sim and use "Age Pet" which gives you a list of pets to choose from. There's also an option for elders who don't want to be a burden to their families (not pictured).

In using the cake I have come across a small glitch where some sim(s) don't go all the way to the cake before having a birthday. I have absolutely no idea why and, seeing as it doesn't cause any errors, I consider it a small annoyance.

There are two versions of this mod and share a GUID so only download one.
If OFB is your latest EP download ijHeirloomCakeOFB.rar
If you have Pets or above download ijHeirloomCakePets.rar

When I downloaded the cake from Inge's site I opened it up in SimPE (as is my habit with her mods) and found that it had the same issue that plagues some of her other mods. The best way I can describe it is that some of her mods contain a bit of incorrect (or maybe correct at the time the mod was made) code in the OBJD which causes them to not work/show up for some people. I'm unsure of why the issue only presents itself for some people, but I'm guessing it has to do with the version of Sims 2 being played.

The fix is a simple one, but perhaps not the best one. If the mod is supposed to be base game compatible the first EP flag line has to be changed from calling for a holiday pack (0x0000) to calling for base game (0x0001). The very first line (version_1 - Read Only) has to be changed to 0x008c from either 0x008b or 0x008d.

As I've said before I am by no means an experienced SimPE user and, frankly, I just change things until whatever I'm trying to do happens. My fixes may not be the best but they've yet to blow up my computer so...that's something. If anyone knows of any other Inge mods that aren't working I'm willing to take a look and see if it's something I can figure out.

Additional Credits: SimPE and Inge since she actually made the mod