Default replacement - BG underwear for teen females

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Uploaded: 24th Aug 2018 at 12:25 AM
Updated: 26th Aug 2018 at 12:22 AM by gdayars - corrected link
These are texture replacements for the base game's underwear for teen females, using RentedSpace's 3t2 conversions of the TS3 base game underwear. There are three rar files, one for the solid color tanks, one for the tanks with decals, and one for the tanks that are striped or patterned. In addition, the replacement for the solid color tanks is split into two packages; one for the red, green, and blue tanks and one for the aqua, pink, and white ones. The replacement for the patterned tanks is split between the two striped tanks and the one Maxis called "magentapurple". You can use any or all of them, as you choose. Textures are compressed. Since RentedSpace's undies are not bumpmapped, while the Maxis originals are, the replacement packages include replacement TXMTs that don't have bumpmap references, so any Maxis originals you choose not to replace will still be properly bumpmapped.

The replacements for the solid color tanks use the red, green, and blue textures in one package, and the turquoise, pink, and white textures in the other. The replacements for the tanks with decals use the black texture and a slightly tweaked version of the purple texture, and the replacements for the striped tanks use the orange texture. The replacements for the other three outfits (tfbodyunderwear-bluedecal, tfbodyunderwear-magentapurple, and tfbodyunderwear-aquastripes) use recolors that I made. Non-default versions of these recolors are available in a separate rar file.

If you have texture replacements for the TF underwear, all you need to do is make sure that my replacement packages load after them, because the game will use whichever texture loads last. So, if you are using a texture replacement for all of the TF undies, you can use my replacement packages to replace parts of it, as long as they load after it. If you are using Cat's replacement mesh , or a similar replacement mesh, you can keep using it. However any default for the TF underwear that uses a custom mesh must be removed before you can use my replacement packages, otherwise the replacement outfits will either appear incorrectly or not appear at all.

Custom content in pictures:
Replacement mesh by CatOfEvilGenius
Default skins by Leh
Default eyes by Lyran (Wayback Machine link), also available here at MTS (h/t to Elddie).

Additional Credits:
EA, for the original TS3 textures.
RentedSpace, for converting them for TS2, and including PSD files.

The lemon yellow and lilac colors were taken from the swatches for Aelia's color actions.
This default by Artemida pointed me to Aelia's colors.

Frank Blumenberg and Tao Yue, for the plugin that lets Paint.NET read PSD files.