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  • Bargain Hunters Delight (Base Game No CC)

    by tylersada 19th Jun 2024 at 5:01pm

    This is not really a spectacular home but I set myself a challenge to build a tiny home with 2 more...

  • Newcrest Central Park

    by tylersada 18th Jun 2024 at 6:03pm

    Not much to say about a park. It has a pool, a play area for both toddlers and children. more...

    +3 packs 1 312

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Duplex Way Apartment Homes

    by tylersada 16th Jun 2024 at 4:43pm

    Again I built this in Newcrest. more...

    +3 packs 649 3

    Lots & Housing » Apartments

  • Max Out Fitness (Base Game No CC)

    by tylersada 16th Jun 2024 at 3:47pm

    This is another lot I built for Newcrest. more...

  • Paradise Palms Town Homes

    by tylersada 14th Jun 2024 at 1:54pm

    I made this lot to sort of match the Tomarang world. more...

  • Newcrest Rustic

    by tylersada 11th Jun 2024 at 4:44pm , updated 11th Jun 2024 at 11:44pm

    This is a very simple 2 bedroom 1 bath rustic on a small lot. more...

    +8 packs 534

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Pennsylvania Dutch

    by tylersada 11th Jun 2024 at 1:19pm

    I really got carried away with the roof of this home. more...

    +20 packs 453

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Museum of Science and Industry

    by tylersada 11th Jun 2024 at 2:09am

    I thought I would do something a little different in Newcrest so instead of a normal Museum I created more...

    +17 packs 290

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Modern Mini Manse

    by tylersada 10th Jun 2024 at 7:57pm

    Again I built this in Newcrest on a small 20x15 lot. more...

    +3 packs 3 496 2

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Mishmash Modern

    by tylersada 10th Jun 2024 at 6:59pm

    The home is named Mishmash because it can't make up its mind if it is a ranch or modern, however more...

    +28 packs 263 2

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Moorish Influence

    by tylersada 7th Jun 2024 at 1:12pm , updated 7th Jun 2024 at 1:25pm

    I wanted a restaurant in Newcrest that I imagined as a cross between Spain and the Middle East (therefore the more...

    +20 packs 598

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Micro Craftsman

    by tylersada 6th Jun 2024 at 9:16pm

    I built this lot several weeks ago for Newcrest. more...

    +3 packs 540

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Small Town Public Library

    by tylersada 31st May 2024 at 3:58am

    I loosely based this on the John J German Library in Tampa, Florida (mostly the inside stairwell and columns.). more...

    +25 packs 586

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Home Ground

    by tylersada 30th May 2024 at 7:24pm

    This is a very simple home that my father and uncle built with their own hands in 1947 the year more...

    +5 packs 2 480 2

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Carolina Homestead

    by tylersada 30th May 2024 at 3:17pm

    This home reminded me of some of the homesteads that I saw when traveling with my parents as a child more...

    +12 packs 2 607

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Middle Class Craftsman

    by tylersada 16th May 2024 at 5:19pm

    I am building in Newcrest so this home is a little different than my upload of the 15th. more...

    +5 packs 1 950 2

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Cottage on the Green

    by tylersada 15th May 2024 at 1:58am

    I really enjoy making the smaller homes for my low income sims. more...

  • Gummilutt's Pastel Walls with Mouldings

    by tylersada 31st Jul 2015 at 10:02pm

    Eleven of Gummilutt's Pastel Wallpaper Set 1 more...

  • Pick Wick County Starter

    by tylersada 15th May 2014 at 5:04am

    2 Bedroom 1 Bath Starter Home more...

    +10 packs 4 5.2k 13

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • The Hat House

    by tylersada 7th May 2014 at 8:16pm

    Five Bedroom, 3 Bath with additional pool bath. Perfect for family or entertaining. No Custom Content. more...

    +15 packs 1 3.9k 8

    Lots & Housing » Residential