Fanseefem Undies - Bras, Boyshorts, and Bikini Briefs... for the Laydeez

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2007 at 4:23 PM
Updated: 16th Nov 2008 at 8:34 PM by CatOfEvilGenius
The Fanseefem Project:

The Fanseefem project is my effort to bring normal clothes to our adult female sims. Sick of high heels, lacy thongs undies, outfits dripping with jewelry, and a lack of nice, sensible, basic undies for females who aren't planning on seducing half the neighborhood, I've gone a bit crazy.

This is the second set in the multi-part series, attempting to provide some simple stuff that normal girls can wear every day.

Because of the scope and grandeur of this project, I do not have any plans at this time to do the same for teens. Please don't ask - I may if the mood strikes me, but I hate doing stuff over, and doing the same huge pile of stuff again is enough to drive me batty.

Next up in the Fanseefem series: Same undies but with tees and spaghetti strap tops as sleepwear as well as basic Fanseefied recolours of my comfy sleepwear mesh as workout and sleepwear.

What's Included:

This set has one new mesh (completely optional!):
  • afBodySwimwear Default Replacement: - I've always been annoyed by the crotch crease, wedgie buttcrack, and boob crease details on the afBodySwimwear mesh, so I made a default replacement that fixes those. This will effect ALL outfits made on the afBodySwimwear - you may or may not want this. I have not changed the mapping at all and the morphs for fat/pregnant are still there, but it's just a little smoother and nicer in certain areas that have always bugged me.

This set also includes a 18 recolours:
  • 9 Bras with Boyshorts: A comfortable, sporty bra with underwire for girls of average breast size, paired with cute full-coverage boyshorts, which are by far the cutest type of underwear there is.
  • 9 Bras with Bikini Briefs: For the more traditional girl, the same bra as with the boyshorts, but with a standard bikini brief.

No jewelry, no push-up boobs, no stockings, no garters, and no freakin' high heels! Yes, they're simple - they're MEANT to be simple stuff that most women might wear every day. If you like fancier stuff, that's all over the place, but if you'd like some simple basic stuff... well, that's here.

The two sets of 9 undies listed above each come in these colours:

I actually handpainted the textures for all of these from scratch - I wanted a lot of detail. And, since my card finally can see bump maps, these have a slight, subtle bumpmap added.

All recolours work for adults and young adults and show up as underwear only (since you can sleep in underwear anyway). No, these don't work for elders, as the way elder female boobs are mapped would look weird with these. No, I don't currently have plans to do these for elders or any other age group, so don't pester me about it.


Major thanks go to the splendiferous fanseelamb. Though the textures on this part of the Fanseefem project are my own, she still deserves great big piles of thanks for inspiring me to do this, and making just about all of the male clothing I use in my game. Thanks, fanseepants!

And also a big thank you to the rest of the MTS2 staff (especially Delphy) for making a place where I can learn how to do cool stuff like this, and share it with all of you.

Major adoration and thanks furthermore (and especially) to Wes_H the Unimesh plugin and his Align Normals plugin. Thank you, Wes!

Model Credits:

The model is my cold-hearted beauty Olivia, and you can see full info on her content as well as download her here: Olivia Morana.

Mesh is Optional!!

You are welcome to download the mesh if you would like to improve the appearance of the afBodySwimwear mesh in your game (no sideboob crease, no crotch crease, no wedgie buttcrack) but it is not required. These will look slightly different in those areas if you don't get it, but you don't have to for these to work in your game.

The mesh will effect ALL existing Maxis and custom clothing that use that mesh, so, y'know, don't use it if you don't like that.

Polygon Counts:
afBodySwimwear Default Replacement Mesh: 1948 polygons, 1261 vertices (same as Maxis original)

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Milkshape, Unimesh, and Fanseelamb!