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Concrete Parking Barrier Replacement

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2011 at 8:34 PM
What does this do?

This is a tiny texture replacing mod that changes the black and yellow of the parking barrier into a simple, nondescript concrete. I know there are various mods that change the mesh or make it invisible, but I wanted something a little more simple to just alter the textures. This shouldn't conflict with any of those if for some reason you wanted to use them together, though.

DDS texture replaced is parkingSpaceBumper

As this is a DDS replacer, similar to a skintone default replacement, it isn't a real "mod" exactly. It's not a global mod, core mod, or XML tuning mod, and will not conflict with anything unless you have something that replaces the exact same texture file. As such, it is compatible with all versions of the game, will not need updating for EPs/patches, and really is about as safe and simple as anything possibly can be.

Get it combined:

All of my tiny texture replacers are available in one .package file, for your convenience. You may download either the single files, OR the combined file - not both!

Link: Tiny Texture Replacers Combined

Thanks to:

Peter, Inge, Delphy, Echo, and your mom.