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Stonehenge Coffee

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2018 at 2:14 PM
Updated: 31st Oct 2018 at 2:20 PM

Just a simple cafe for your coffee addicted sims. Why pay more for awful megacorp coffee in a cold dinky place? Feel the comfort and relaxation of a country environment at your local Stonehenge Coffee.

We still provide ample room to hangout with your friends, study for your classes, or just read a book.

And just because we're simple folks doesn't mean our cafes are not wifi equipped for gaming, web research, or just chatting with friends.

Our cafes are always clean and refreshing. You won't ever want to leave.


Lot Information:
Extremely small lot size for a cafe. Java Hut Lot Type.

Lot Size: 20x15
Lot Price (furnished): 60653
Lot Price (unfurnished): 30827

Floor Plan:

EP List:
The EPs listed are what I have. They're pretty much all optional except for UL, which you will need for the Java Hut lot type and the espresso bar.

CC List: All CCs are completely optional. They're all decos, most of them for cafe clutters.
* "set brick pattern 6" by cynimich at TSR, (Link) This is the brick pattern I used on the outside. It is very realistic and I like it a lot. However, you can use any brick pattern you want, including ones that came with base game or other expansions.

* "Versailles Window Bottom Piece" - the regal sim at MTS (Link) These are the "indoor" windows shown in the table area.

* "perpectual, pleasant, perfect, purposeful wall ivy" - Store items (Al Fresco Street Market Link)These are the ivys on the walls outside around the building. They're purely for decoration. It is a store item and unfortunately only comes with the Al Fresco Street Market lot.

Everything below is just cafe item decos:
* "Cafe Break Set" by Mensure at TSR. (Link) 3 items from this set used:
- cafe break set board: the menu board
- Cafe break set counter display 1: Big display of bags of chips
- cafe break set counter display 2: Small stand of bags of candy

* "77objects Starbucks Set" by the77sims3 at the77sims3.tumblr.com (link)
77objects - 3D Latte Art Coffee Mug Cup: These are the empty mugs
77objects - Starbucks Coffee Mug Cup: These are the full mugs
77objects - Starbucks tray: Trays under the mugs
77objects - Starbucks cups stacked: paper cups at the clean up station
77objects - Bagged Starbucks coffee Bx4: 4 bags of coffee on the coffee counter
77objects - Starbucks coffee Glass Jars x4: jars of coffee bean display in the back

* "Orinoko Plates" by Gosik at TSR (Link) Stack of plates on the counter.

* "Toska Glass with Silverware" by Camille with original mesh by Anye . (Link) Glass jar of utensils next to the stack of plates.

* "Whipped Cream Dispenser" part of the Decorative Baristal Tools by NynaeveDesign at TSR, (Link) Next to the tray with filled mugs.

* "Steam Pitcher" part of the Decorative Baristal Tools by NynaeveDesign at TSR, (Link) Next to the tray at the clean up station.