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Back to Nature -- Lifetime Wishes for Farmers and Outdoorspeople (UPDATED: 1 September 2021)

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2021 at 3:04 AM
Updated: 2nd Sep 2021 at 2:11 AM

1 September 2021:
Added the following translations:
  • French
  • Russian
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean (base package only)
  • German (store package only)
Thanks to SecretX, Knight, PieceOfCarambola, regulus0820, and DieNina for the translations!

Reminder: When removing or updating mods, it is good practice to clear the ScriptCache.package file from your Userdata folder.

I decided to take a break from a larger project I've been working on to make a little something for the Cottagecore theme. Hope you all enjoy!

What Is This Mod?
This is a pure script mod adding new farming, gardening, and/or nature-related lifetime wishes to the game, along with a few new non-lifetime wishes to complement them where necessary. The main download consists of five lifetime wishes, all of which are base game compatible, while a separate package contains a sixth lifetime wish that requires both the Fowl and Feather Chicken Coop and the Milkin' it Dairy Corral from the Store in order to function properly. Neither package depends on the other to function; you can use one or the other, or both.

The Wishes
A Sim must have at least one associated trait in order to roll the wish in CAS or in gameplay, and having more than one associated trait will increase a Sim's chances of rolling the wish. If a Sim has an excluded trait, they will not roll the wish regardless of any other associated traits. Note that this only affects random rolling of the wishes; you can always select them manually in CAS or in-game if you'd like.

The following wishes are included in the main package, and are all base game compatible:

One with Nature
Lifetime Happiness: +30,000
Associated Traits: Angler, Green Thumb, Eco Friendly, Loves the Outdoors, Loner
Excluded Traits: Hates the Outdoors
Requirements: Master the fishing and gardening skills
Description: Despite the conveniences and luxuries afforded by modern technology, some Sims just can't handle the hustle and bustle of today's society. It will take some effort to become truly self-sufficient, but your Sim may finally be able to return to a simpler life surrounded by Mother Nature.

Farm to Table
Lifetime Happiness: +30,000
Associated Traits: Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Eco Friendly, Loves the Outdoors
Excluded Traits: Hates the Outdoors
Requirements: Master the cooking and gardening skills
Description: Food always tastes better when you make it yourself, but when that food comes from homegrown ingredients, the flavors become truly astonishing! Your Sim can unlock these culinary secrets by mastering the art of cultivating and preparing the perfect dish.

First Class Farmer
Lifetime Happiness: +35,000
Associated Traits: Green Thumb, Eco Friendly, Loves the Outdoors, Gatherer
Excluded Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Snob
Requirements: Master the gardening skill; sell §50,000 worth of harvested produce
Description: The life of a farmer is not always an idyllic one. It takes an enormous amount of work — often aided by massive mechanical equipment — to harvest enough produce to make a healthy profit and become well-known in the community. Start planting!

Pond Whisperer
Lifetime Happiness: +35,000
Associated Traits: Angler, Eco Friendly, Loves the Outdoors
Excluded Traits: Hates the Outdoors
Requirements: Master the fishing skill; sell §50,000 worth of caught fish
Description: To become a successful angler requires extensive knowledge of where the best fish lie and what the best baits are to reel them in. This deep understanding of the waters comes from hours of experience; only the most diligent of Sims can succeed in the industry, but in the end their patience pays dividends.

Master Forager
Lifetime Happiness: +27,500
Associated Traits: Gatherer, Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Insane
Excluded Traits: Hates the Outdoors
Requirements: Sell §50,000 worth of collectibles
Description: Some Sims just want to spend their lives in fields and forests, picking wildflowers and watching animals. These avid outdoorspeople know the trails like the back of their hand and have a keen eye for the most valuable rocks, minerals, and insects in the area. Time to start filling out that collection journal!
Note: Seeds, mushrooms, wildflowers, insects, minor pets, space rocks, gems, metals, and nanites all count as progress towards this wish. Relics, seashells and fish found while scuba diving do not, as they are handled by the "Private Museum" and "Deep Sea Diver" lifetime wishes.

The wish below is included in the "Gamefreak130_BackToNatureLTWs_Store" download, and requires both the Fowl and Feather Chicken Coop and the Milkin' it Dairy Corral to function correctly:

Country Caretaker
Lifetime Happiness: +27,500
Associated Traits: Animal Lover, Loves the Outdoors, Insane
Excluded Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Snob
Requirements: Own 3 chicken coops and 3 dairy corrals on your home lot; sell §25,000 worth of fresh eggs, milk, and cheese
Description: Animal husbandry does not come naturally to most Sims, but there are some farmers who instinctively understand how to care for their flocks or herds. To them, the challenges of country living are incredibly fulfilling in their own right... although the constant supply of eggs, milk, and cheese certainly doesn't hurt, either!
Note: To make progress in this wish easier, milk from cows can now be sold for money! White milk sells for §2 per bottle, chocolate and soy milk §5 per bottle, and milkshakes §10 per glass.

Compatibility and Uninstallation
Built, tested, and (mostly) working on game version 1.69. It should work on earlier versions, but it has not been tested; do so at your own risk.

As stated earlier, the base download does not require any expansion packs to run, but the store package will not load correctly if either the chicken coop or the dairy corral is not installed.

The base download should not conflict with any other mods; however, the store package overrides the "Milk Cow" interaction on the dairy corral and the "Make Cheese" interaction on milk bottles, and will conflict with any other mod that does the same.

Currently, the following languages are supported:
  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean (base package only)
  • German (store package only)

Translations are very welcome and much appreciated; formatted string tables and unhashed keys have been provided in the package if you wish to help.

Before uninstalling, use NRaas MasterController to ensure that no Sims in any of your saves have any of these custom lifetime wishes assigned to them, or else the save may fail to load correctly!

Known Issues
I did my best on the icons, but my GIMP skills are still a bit lacking

Additional Credits