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Date/Outing Stood Up Timer Fix

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Uploaded: 3rd Sep 2021 at 3:52 AM

In vanilla TS2, whenever you ask a Sim out on a date or outing and fast forward the time until you stand them up goes way quicker, not giving you enough time to even get to the Taxi in the first place before they start nagging and eventually cancel the date/outing.

This mod implements a custom timer that works properly and consistently, you will now have plenty of time to arrive at a date or outing regardless of game speed.


Type NameNameInstanceGroupType
Behaviour FunctionGroup - Date - Stood Up Callback0x000004790x7FD46CD00x42484156
Behaviour FunctionGroup - Outing - Stood Up Callback0x000004A40x7FD46CD00x42484156
Behaviour FunctionDate - Make Date Token0x0000203A0x7FBD39030x42484156
Behaviour FunctionGroup - Create & Invite0x0000203C0x7FBD39030x42484156