De-uglified Basegame Sundress

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2017 at 12:57 PM
To start off 2017 with a bang, here goes another project off the list!

I've been meaning to de-uglify the basegame sundress for ages: the awkward rope below the bust (which is not EA's first...), the ugly colors, the seam in the back...URGH, I dreaded the moment when my pregnant Sims would inevitably change into it! So, I reused my edited textures from the long skirt on this dress!

Changes overview

1. New textures.
2. One channel added.
3. New presets.
4. Enabled for more categories.
5. New CAS thumbnails (if you pick that version).


This is a default replacement for Teen-Elder females! Due to how EA set up the textures (all ages reference the YA/AF textures), it is not possible to replace the textures for only one age group. This edit also includes new presets, 4 for each age group (some only had 2 or 3, I think).

There are two versions to download (pick only one!):
1. With new CAS thumbnails for the catalog and each preset.
2. Without new CAS thumbnails: you will have to delete the CASThumbnails file in My Documents \ Thumbnails for the game to generate and display correct ones.

The dresses are now enabled for:
- Teen and Elder: Everyday, Formal, Sleep, Career, Random
- YA/A regular: Everyday, Formal, Career, Makeover, Maternity, Random
- YA/A sleep*: Sleep, Makeover, Maternity, Random

* EA made a separate version of the dress for Sleepwear only (probably to use that sheep pattern, lol).


Clicking on the dress in the catalog will return a white & gold 3-channel version, but if you select a preset, or select a preset then recolor it, everything will show up properly.

The dress will show up with a modified bumpmap on Sims who are already wearing it (basically some lines in the front where the new hem line is). Take them into CAS and recolor the dress to get rid of this New Sims should also spawn with one of the recolors if it's a regular outfit, though they may spawn with the wrong white & gold version for their pregnancy outfit (haven't tested).


Hair: beaverhausenx, Bring Me Victory, HP, prettyladybabies
Skin: 'Primer' by Kurasoberina
Poses: Elexis, noelyely
Accessories are from the basegame and EPs.

Additional Credits:
S3OC, S3PE, Texture Tweaker, Photoshop