Dish It Out! (Updated 15/07/22)

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2022 at 10:28 PM
Updated: 15th Jul 2022 at 5:33 PM by BartekStu
Update 15/07/22: Please redownload the Skill Version of the Simler patch if downloaded previously. Previous version had an instance number mistake that caused erroneous message saying dishes gained skills.
Update 14/07/22: Please redownload Simler patch if downloaded previously. The version on 13/07 causes errors.
Update 13/07/22: Created patches for conflicting mods. Maids and Butlers can no longer lose relationship with Sims for washing dishes.

This is a fun little mod the idea for which came to me as I happened to be cleaning up the common area kitchen - I thought to myself that it would be entertaining if Sims could gripe about their messy roommates, and then I would feel vindicated, watching them toil away at the kitchen sink.

There are two .packages in the archive. The .package titled 'bstuDishItOut' contains the mod. The .package titled 'bstuDishWashingNotAutonomous' makes Sims not wash dishes autonomously if they are lying around. You can have one or the other or both.

There are two new archives with patches for CBOY's and Simler's conflicting mods. Please ensure you adhere to the load order outlined in the 'Mod Conflict' section below.

So, What Is This Mod, Exactly?
When installed, you will notice some differences when your Sims wash plates and bowls. These occur under the following conditions:

• The dish has flies (tunable)
• The dish washer has a minimum amount Neat points (0 by default, tunable)
• The dish leaver is present on the lot, including off-lot (so they actually had a chance to clean it)
• Both the dish washer and the dish leaver are teens are older
• And, obviously, it's somebody else's mess.
• The dish washer is not a Maid or Butler.

When these conditions are met, if the Sim is washing a single dish, they will display a thought bubble of that dish's Sim with an 'X', as well as a relationship loss effect. The Sim will lose X STR with the Sim that left the plate. (X = 3 by default).

If the Sim is washing a stack of dishes, the Sim will not display a thought bubble, but will instead lose a greater amount of STR (X + Y, Y = 2 by default) with every Sim contributing to the dish stack. As a consequence of how I implemented this, the effect will be cumulative if a single Sim has multiple dirty dishes in a stack. This creates incentive for the player to purchase a washing machine, or ensure each Sim takes care of their own mess.

An additional, optional package is included; 'bstuDishWashingNotAutonomous.package' disables autonomous dish washing in most cases, making your Sims more prone to leaving stuff about.

Sidenote, if multiple Sims ate from one plate/bowl for some reason, the Sim that took the most bites will get blamed.


Requires FT or higher.

Mod Conflicts
CBOY's Eat More Talk Less. If you have this mod, it's outdated for Freetime. It will also cause this mod not to function. In order for it to function, you need to have:

1) bstuDishItOut.package
2) CBOY_EatMoreTalkLess.package
3) DDDbstuDishItOutPATCH-EatMoreTalkLess.package
Loading in that order.

Simler's WashDishMods. Having these installed will nullify this mod unless you have the patch. You need to have:

1) bstuDishItOut.package
2) bstuDishItOutPATCH-WashDishModUpdate2 OR bstuDishItOutPATCH-WashDishModUpdate2-SkillVersion.
Loading in that order. You can remove Simler's 'WashDishMod' packages, as they have been incorporated. The other mods listed on that page do not conflict.

Technical Information