The Palms Inn - No CC

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2022 at 2:00 AM
Vacation inn with beach
for the suburb of Twikkii Island and beach neighborhoods

If you want to change one of the Twikkii Island vacation suburb lodging lots or add a new one, this is the beach lot you need.
The lodging has four rooms with different environments, prices and capacities depending on what you have planned for the Sims
In addition to having a beach of modest size, the ballroom is a good place to complement the enjoyment of the vacation.
The lodging reception has two small bathrooms and two rest sofas.

The lodging costs of the rooms are the following:
  • Room # 1 with two single beds, television, dining room and bathroom for a cost of $ 682 simoleons per night.
  • Room # 2 with a single bed, television, dining room and bathroom for a cost of $ 599 simoleons per night.
  • Room # 3 with a single bed, queen size bed, television, terrace dining room and bathroom for a cost of $ 754 simoleons per night.
  • Room # 4 with a queen size bed, television, dining room on the terrace and bathroom for a cost of $ 528 simoleons per night.
  • The ballroom is freely accessible.
This beach lot was created using the Mootilda tool Lot Adjuster

Where you can put The Palms Inn with beach ?


The Twikkii Island map shows the areas where it is possible to place the lot without any inconvenience and the terrain of the lot does not change when it is placed. However, keep in mind that since they are beach lots, they do modify the neighborhood terrain.
It can also be placed in these templates without inconvenience.

* Phage Island
* Peninsulas Map
* BaysLand Map
* Charm Island Map

Those mentioned were where the beach lot was tested, possibly it can serve in other
neighborhood templates.


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