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CaSTable Eiffel Tower (Icarus_Allsorts style) & CaSTable Arc de Triomphe

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2015 at 2:43 PM
Updated: 6th Dec 2015 at 7:11 AM - updated code to fix elevator issue

Update Dec 06, 2015 - affects Eiffel Tower ONLY
Icarus_Allsorts was kind enough to let me know of an issue where a sim carrying a baby or toddler would get stuck inside the elevator when using the "with" interaction. I've updated the code to match the corrections that Icarus used to fix the problem. Files have been updated, so all you need to do is redownload the ones you want. The scriptCache.package will need to be deleted as well.

Update Jul 19, 2015 - affects Eiffel Tower ONLY
Sorry, just noticed that when my game loaded after sunset, the tower was all dark and realised that there was nothing in the OnStartup() method to handle this (had to wait for next sunset alarm to trigger). Things like this drive me nuts, so I added code that checks the current game time and XML deltas, so the tower should be all brightly lit when you load a game that was saved at night. Changed the sunset delta in both the EiffelTower and NightLights XMLs from 23 to -1 (I think both represent 5:00 pm, but 23 wasn't working with the new code). To update, just re-download and replace your existing package (and delete scriptCache.package from game folder). Existing towers already being used in game should update automatically.

Update Jun 20, 2015 - WooHooer module updated
Icarus has updated the relevant WooHooer packages (NRAAS), so if you use these, the updated versions will now work with the CaSTable Eiffel Tower!

Also -- Eiffel Tower ONLY --
Icarus just notified me of a small script change to the EventListener method. It's possible that this method can get called more than once under the following conditions:

  • User has more than one Eiffel Tower rabbithole in the world
  • User travels from one world with an Eiffel Tower to a different world with an Eiffel Tower

Ideally, we want the method to run "only once" at startup, so the code has been changed to correct this. If either of the above conditions apply to you, you will just need to re-download the tower (the script has been updated).

Update Jun 11, 2015 - affects Eiffel Tower ONLY
Icarus notified me of a possible issue where sims visiting the middle level of the tower might not properly be getting the moodlet assigned to that level. This is apparently one of those things that can be caused when number "rounding" interferes with equality when comparing values, thus causing what should be "true" to calculate as "false" (due to decimals located across the horizon) and throwing a spanner into the works. One line of code has been changed in the script to hopefully prevent this from happening in the future. If you are experiencing this, all you need to do is re-download and replace your copy with the revised one.

Update Jun 03, 2015 - affects Arc de Triomphe ONLY
Sorry, I should've looked more closely at this before uploading. Trying to learn the more difficult coding for the tower obviously made me forget how to do the simple stuff. I have updated the Arc de Triomphe packages so that the engravings will no longer disappear when the lights come on at night (see last picture above). The only thing added was a redo of the "Self-Illumination" _IMG resource (0x00B2D882-0x08000000-0x1ABDD2A37A481032). If you've already downloaded and are using the Arc, all you need to do is re-download and replace the copy you have (delete compositorCache.package for good measure).


While helping out in a C# learning course a while back, the Icarus_Allsorts version of the Eiffel Tower became the focal point of a class learning project. The goal was to not only make it CaSTable, but also to research the original tower in France and apply new ideas to it. The final result ended up being an upgraded version (all three Icarus versions combined into one) that also added CaSTability and additional functionality.

Since the simmers in the class had already been using the other CaSTable rabbits, they felt I should add this along with those. I didn't really feel right doing this, however, since everything was based on the works of Icarus' coding. Instead, I contacted and offered to give Icarus the CaSTable tower to go along with the other available "reboot" versions. The only thing missing was compatibility with the special "Eiffel Tower woohooer module" that was created specifically for this object. Icarus took interest and graciously decided not only to revisit the project and revise the module coding to make it compatible, but also allow me to offer the CaSTable tower as a download for others to use.

Icarus went way beyond the call of duty to help me revise my code (based on the Icarus original) and learn better coding techniques. However, the script is still 99.99% Icarus code, so all credits go to Icarus for that. I really only made the tower CaSTable and changed a bit of code to restrict the (pretend) restaurants / bar to specific levels (like the original in Paris). I also updated the _RIG / RSLT / FTPT to work so that the tower feet would serve as entrance and exit points instead of the center area.

Important Note:

Currently NOT compatible with: Icarus Eiffel Tower Woohooer module -- will post an update once Icarus finishes up any changes
NOW Compatible with the Icarus Eiffel Tower WooHooer module! You will need both of the latest testing versions of WooHooer (version 129a) and Eiffel Tower WooHooer module (version 125). (Previous WooHooer versions will only work with the previous Eiffel Tower module.)

Also compatible with: Icarus' Eat Outside mod

I'm posting this separately from the other CaSTable rabbits since it uses its own script and is a bit more complex in general. This is a new object, but it will require some resources from the original object, so you will need to own World Adventures for all things to look and function properly. Icarus has also updated the original "rebooted" towers as well (non-CaSTable versions).

  • File Location: After downloading, unzip the .rar file and place the unzipped .package file into your Mods/Packages folder.
  • Catalogue Location: Build Mode - Community Objects - Buildings (at the end OR after any base game CaSTable rabbits)
  • Usage: Simply place the rabbithole on a community lot as per usual. It may take a couple of seconds for the script to assemble the building if it has lots of parts, but once it's complete, it will behave as a single object that can be picked up, moved around, etc. They should look pretty much like the original when first placed.
  • CaST: Simply click on the part of the building that you wish to recolour to bring up the create-a-style tool. You can switch to other parts of the building by clicking on them. You can also drag a colour from one part to another just like with any other object. Solid colours work best due to the way these are designed.

This version uses the four feet as entrance / exit points (Sim walks up to the foot wall and disappears / reappears). You can use the wall tool to build small areas with doors that can hide this activity -- refer to the images for a general idea. Included is a sample 64x64 lot containing the tower with prebuilt walls that can be used as a template if you have difficulty getting things to cooperate with you. Just place the template package inside My Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / Library folder, and it will show up in the community buildings bin when you go to Edit Town mode.

The tower behaves as a single "Bistro" rabbithole. Even though there are two restaurants & a bar that can be visited, these are only "make believe" separate entities. There's only one opening / closing time, menu, etc.

Enhancements (based on research of the tower in Paris):
  • CaSTable - works like previous CaSTable rabbitholes.
  • You can visit any of the Levels 1-3 via elevator / stairs. Woohoo possible when using these interactions.
  • You can eat at "58 Sims Eiffel Restaurant" on Level 1
  • You can eat at "Le Sims Verne Restaurant" on Level 2
  • You can get drinks at "La Nectaragne Bar" on Level 3
  • Sim icon will change to reflect which level of the tower you are currently on.
  • There are 3 different "Wondrous View" moodlets based on level. If you already have a lower level moodlet, it will upgrade if you visit a higher level.

If you like this, please consider offering Icarus a "thank you" as well at the original Eiffel Tower Rebootable site located here:
Eiffel Tower REBOOTED
I would never have gotten this done without all of Icarus' help.



I've also included CaSTable overrides for the Arc de Triomphe. One is deco only, and the other functions as a bookstore rabbithole (has its own script). They will conflict with each other, so be sure to use only one! The night lighting for this one works like the Late Night highrises ("Big Bloom" effect) and has no material switching. When the lights come on, the engraving pattern areas go solid. I don't know if this was intentional, but the original EA version does the same thing. There's a pic above showing the difference.

The package file for this one goes in the Mods/Packages folder like the other.

The engraving issue mentioned above has been resolved, and they should still be visible at night now.

Additional Credits:
Inge & Peter for their wonderful S3PE / S3OC / Tweaker tools that have made this possible
icarus_allsorts for the tremendous amount of time, effort and patience put into this project, and for all the knowledge provided that has helped me to improve my understanding of script code (at least a little!)