Nick Shellnut

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[size=4][color=DarkSlateGray]Nick Shellnut[/color][/size]

A man truly behind the curtains, hiding behind the true shades and lights of reality. Nick is someone who doesn't really understand, but tries his hardest to. Occasionally rejected by society, he isolates himself from everyone else, while the true spirit inside of him is aching to show its true form. He's just waiting for the one special person; someone who he's always seeing in his dreams. Maybe they'll come out from the shades and reveal themselves, or Nick just could be going insane from all of this solitude.

Maybe he'll accept his true personality one day? Maybe not? I'm not quite his puppet-master.

[color=DarkSlateGray]Age:[/color] Young Adult

Nick is packaged with the DEFAULT Skin!


[size=4][color=DarkSlateGray]Custom Content Needed[/color][/size]

Jonha's Sliders
YsStudio's Upperlip Thinlower Slider
Misty's Hooded Eyelids Slider

Nika V.'s Adam Skin v0.6

Mochi029's M-T36

Zombrex's]Hair Mesh #13A
CreatureFear's Adult Males

Elexis' Water Color Eyes


[size=4][color=DarkSlateGray]EPs Needed but Not Required[/color][/size]
Everyday: Pants — Pets, Shoes — University, Chain — University
Formal: Top — Island Paradise, Pants — Late Night, Shoes — Late Night
Swimwear: Shorts — Island Paradise
Outerwear: Top — Generations, Shoes — Late Night

Additional Credits:
Everyone in #create for their honest opinions
The amazing custom content creators for creating such useful contents that complimented this sim so well.

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