Horizontal Clapboard - Fixed

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Uploaded: 16th Mar 2021 at 4:51 PM
Updated: 16th Mar 2021 at 2:37 PM
I wanted a simple BGC plastic/vinyl clapboard wall that I could just set up and forget about for prefab homes (single channel for when I don't really need contrasting colours, as there's millions of other options that look similar to this one and has contrast when I want it). The base game does offer a cute single channel clapboard, but it looked HORRENDOUS in lighting and for some reason had seams when you tried to use the L/R pieces.

Pulling it apart, I found the normals were extremely wonky, and had seams, so I redid the normals to remove the seams and correct them. Now it's a cute little clapboard that is true to colour and has no seams at all.

This is a merged file with Fixed normal maps overriding a set of base game walls. Full information is listed below for any potential conflicts. This mod can be installed to Packages or Overrides where necessary and shouldn't conflict with any mod that modifies this BG wall. I did not change anything else, such as adding additional channels or any category/preset changes.

Default Replacement Info:
Items Replaced:
Horizontal Clapboard - Price 8 Simoleans - Build Mode - Walls
Horizontal Clapboard (Left Edge) - Price 8 Simoleans - Build Mode - Walls
Horizontal Clapboard (Right Edge) - Price 8 Simoleans - Build Mode - Walls

Resources Replaced:
_IMG - 0xA3DDBE658D4EE691 ( Wall_Full_Siding_n_0xa3ddbe658d4ee691 - Horizontal Clapboard)
_IMG - 0x0210E4E2D43897C5 ( Wall_Full_Siding_Le_0x0210e4e2d43897c5 - Horizontal Clapboard - Left Edge)
_IMG - 0xE9A55479214C4612 ( Wall_Full_Siding_Ri_0xe9a55479214c4612 - Horizontal Clapboard - Right Edge)

Additional Credits:
Textures were done in Photoshop using The Intel TextureWorks Plugin.