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Archibald's Family Reunion - Regal Living Door Expansion

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2015 at 12:05 AM
The Archibald door is one of my favourite Store doors. It makes a nice fancy entryway, but it's not too over the top that it's uselessly fancy. Unfortunately though, there's not many doors you can use to compliment it for when you want to use it in other exterior parts of the building because of the silly mail flap. Also when it comes to having a smaller home, I had to do without my fave pretty ;-;.

So I pulled the door apart and this expansion kit was born. I started out with a simple mesh edit/retexture to remove the mail flap on the double tile version, so that it could be used as an exterior door and not look so silly. I then took it a step further and turned it into a single door. The single door has the lock and mailbox part, to keep realism but it comes with a version that doesn't have that mailbox flap. Then as a final piece, I made a single arch to compliment the Double arch.

If you don't have the Original door, this expansion isn't so useful... You can purchase it here

The doors can be found in Build Mode under Doors and the arch will be with the Arches in build mode.
Prices/Descriptions are as listed. I tried to keep them as close to Ea's originals and keep the descriptions and names matching.

Archibald (Back) Door - 600 Simoleans
The finest interiors deserve the finest entryways. That's a fact. but what about the exitways? What about not wanting mail to flow into your kitchen? That's what the Archibald (Back) door is for! A perfect compliment to the Entryway!

Son of Archibald Door - 500 Simoleans
It's common sense that fine interiors deserve fine entryways. But when your exterior isn't as big, you need a smaller entryway to compliment. That's where the Son of Archibald door steps in. With this door, your entry will retain the same fineness, even with a smaller space

Son of Archibald (back) Door - 500 Simoleans
With a smaller yet really fine home, you really don't want to waste space having mail fly into the kitchen. The Son of Archibald (Back) Door takes care of that issue by making it so you don't have a slot for that mail to go in.

Son of Archibald Arch - 100 Simoleans
It's a commonality that the finest rooms deserves the finest archways. But when crimped for space, you'll need The Son of Archibald Arch, which will keep that commonality met while saving your space!

Polygon Counts:
2 Tile Door - No Mailbox
HLOD: 1392
MLOD: 382

1 Tile - Mailbox
HLOD: 1024
MLOD: 854

1 Tile - No Mailbox
HLOD: 1004
MLOD: 834

HLOD: 592
MLOD: 566 (I couldn't reduce further without problem)

Additional Credits:
EA - Pretty door and never completing pretty doors.
TSRW/Milkshape/Autodesk Maya 2014