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Eaxis More Logical Lights II - The bringing it home edition

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2014 at 2:18 AM
Updated: 30th Jun 2014 at 3:07 PM
EDIT: The H&M Lighting CRES fix should be RLS compatible. I am not sure if RLS fixed the other broken light definitions (University and TSS), but the H&M light would be unfixable unless a CRES fix was done. Just a point of obviousness to RLS users.

Hey everyone!

In this set, I have fixed all the lightings not included in the last set. I have pretty much fixed every EP/SP to finish out the project. The only fixes not included are the Mansion and Gardens Fixes, which, though imperfect, I can't seem to get the fix to work without it breaking the M&G lights completely. The only thing I noted was wrong about the M&G light was the colour and the lighting of the Chandelier. I would recommend downloading this fix for the chandelier by spiegelsplitter

Install Instructions
- Nab Plasticbox's Fixes for the BG lights (Namely the colours and intensities, as those are needed to make the lights here look as they do in my pictures)

- Place the NLO Files and the lighting.txt from each folder in this location:
{Install location, program files or otherwise}\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 {EP or SP }\TSData\Res\Lights

- The H&M CRES override can either be dropped into downloads folder (with no custom star) or your latest EP's overrides folder (best overrides, but either way has been tested to work). If you use the latter method you are gonna put it in this location:
{Install location, program files or otherwise}\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 {Latest EP}\TSData\Res\Overrides

Basically, I see no incompatibility with these fixes aside from Radiance Light System, in which case, you won't need these fixes anyway as RLS has it's own system for managing lighting in the game.

The only thing I would say would be incompatible with the H&M sign CRES fix would likely be a CEP fix or something that modifies the CRES resource of the light (I dunno what resources a CEP fix modifies, so I am saying it's incompatible to be safe). I do not know of any existant CEP fixes for it or if it even needs one. If you know of one, link me to it so I can crack it open and actually see for incompatibility.

Here's a small quoted piece on how to modify the NLO files for your tastes. For a refrence of colours and intensities, Use plasticbox's text files from the basegame fixes.
Originally Posted by Plasticbox

This is extremely simple: just open the .nlo file in a text editor and reassign the lights you want. The names are mostly self-explaining, as is the syntax; example from the Pets file:

create Six(lightingFloorGardenPagoda_light)
create Amber(lightingFloorGardenPagoda_light)

means 1. make the light for that Asia-style outdoor lamp as defined in "Six" (a preset defined near the top of the Base Game file. I didn't mess with any of those), and 2. give it the colour "Amber". In case you're not sure which light is which, just temporarily change it to Green or something, then check which light becomes green, that's the one. Or look at the LGHT resources in SimPE to see the names.

The names of the Maxis presets relate to the brightness of the lights. "Two" is very weak (I don't think I've seen that used anywhere), "Ten" is very strong (used only for outdoor lights). The colours are defined in colors.txt in the Base Game files; I made a modified version available in the other thread. Syntax for the colour definition is RGB on a 0..1 range (not 0–255).

Additional Credits:
Plasticbox - Lighting Fix