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Sims 2 Store complete fixup project Part 1

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Uploaded: 17th Aug 2014 at 8:34 PM
Updated: 25th May 2015 at 5:03 AM

The Sims 2 Store had a lot of pretty lights and windows but unfortunately were broken. I just took apart the files and fixed them up so they will actually work.

- Art Noveaulicious windows didn't have definitions, therefore didn't cast light into the room.
- Asian fusion windows and doors were spotty in definitions, I saw definitions for the windows, but nothing on doors.
- Cubic Set Lights referenced base game lighting
- Rugs had the off-grid issue
- All lights were given Level Five and Soft White lighting.
- Art Noveaulicious set was lowered intensity wise and given Soft Amber colouring. Windows/doors were fixed and now let light in
- Asian Fusion lights were made to match the Bon Voyage Far East collection lights. Windows/doors were given proper definitions and allow lights in. Screen Door allows less light in and Solid door is set to allow no light in.
- Deco light and window had entries in the NLO files I found, I simply lowered the intensity
- Cubic lights now take their own light definitions (CRES and LGHT resources were modified to remove BG refrences) and are given the same light colour and intensity as the Deco set.
- Rugs were fixed to be allowed off grid without light problems. Also I cleaned up the Duplicate rugs. Asian Fusion rugs are now recolours of the Art Noveaulicious rug and the Deco rugs are now recolours of the Cubic rug

- Delete the original Store lights, windows and rugs from the Art Noveaulicious, Asian Fusion, Cubic and Deco sets.
- Move the Package files to Downloads. They're presorted into sets with the Rugs being in the Rugs bonus folder.
- Move the NLO files into your "Scriptorium_CustomLights" folder.
- Enjoy!!

Problems - Needs testing
- The Rest of the Store set lighting may have compatibility issues as they still contain the NLO files within them, Best recommendation for now unless you know your way with SimPE, is to temporarily remove the windows, doors and lights from the sets not fixed here. Fixes are coming soon if you're wondering.
- Radiance Lighting System may have issues with reading these files as it uses it's own system for files. It would lovely to have a few RLS testers on this for me please

Shameless Advertising :P. If you like my work, Please thank me and share around. Also If you want more of my work off MTS (Mostly Sims 3 items), visit me at What Kind of Sim.

Additional Credits:
Plasticbox - Original lighting fixes that inspired me to finish the fixes.
EA - For making wonderful items, but breaking them to hell.
Numenor - Scriptorium