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Maxis More Sensible lights - BV/IKEA/CEL Edition

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2014 at 2:18 AM
Hey Everyone!

I found that Plasticbox's fixes to make Eaxis's lightings more sensible was a great project and I was really sad it never got finished. I decided to try it out for myself and complete the project. I made note of every EA light not fixed and their problems and got down to making fixes for each of them, fixing varied things like brightness, colour or even both.

In this edition, I have fixed the lightings from Bon Voyage, IKEA and Celebration. I also notably fixed the 4 Unlocked IKEA lightings Havelock found since they were there and able to be fixed.

I am going to go by Game and By the Lighting in sets, Click their respective spoilers to check them out

Installation instructions
First, You require Plasticbox's fixes located Here in order to make them look the same as in the pics.
Place the .NLO File in {Your install Location}/The Sims 2 {EP's you have }/TSData/Res/Lights (make sure you back-up the original lighting by either renaming it or copying it to a safe location on your computer)

The rest is Quoted from Plasticbox's upload in regards to Compatibility with other lighting type mods and if you want to modify the files to fit your tastes

Quote: Originally posted by Plasticbox

I'm told that the Radiance mod (and other similar ones) will simply ignore this. I assume those mods use their own lighting files anyway. I suppose there may be other mods out there that change the same file, in that case you’d have to see which one you like better.

This will affect all lights anywhere in the game. You need to exit and restart in order to see the effect.


This is extremely simple: just open the .nlo file in a text editor and reassign the lights you want. The names are mostly self-explaining, as is the syntax; example from the Pets file:

create Six(lightingFloorGardenPagoda_light)
create Amber(lightingFloorGardenPagoda_light)

means 1. make the light for that Asia-style outdoor lamp as defined in "Six" (a preset defined near the top of the Base Game file. I didn't mess with any of those), and 2. give it the colour "Amber". In case you're not sure which light is which, just temporarily change it to Green or something, then check which light becomes green, that's the one. Or look at the LGHT resources in SimPE to see the names.

The names of the Maxis presets relate to the brightness of the lights. "Two" is very weak (I don't think I've seen that used anywhere), "Ten" is very strong (used only for outdoor lights). The colours are defined in colors.txt in the Base Game files; I made a modified version available in the other thread. Syntax for the colour definition is RGB on a 0..1 range (not 0–255).

Additional Credits:
Plasticbox For the Fixes made
Havelock for unlocking the IKEA lamps
EA games, for making pretty lights, but breaking them, giving me something to do.